A new course leading to the credential of CSS.

Here is the story ....

At the annual conference of the Society of Wine Educators in the Spring of 2008,  SWE offered, for the first time, a new study course on spirits, which was created by leading spirits experts from the Beverage Alcohol industry.
This special course consisted of an all-day review session,  followed by an intensive examination for the long-awaited credential of  "Certified Specialist of Spirits".

The course was attended by interested wine and spirits educators.  Among those who attended and passed the test, and achieved the post-nominal "CSS", were Harriet and Bill Lembeck, who have been teaching spirits classes for many years.  They are now authorized by the Society of Wine Educators to teach this CSS class and then give the examination.

The Wine & Spirits Program now offers a four-session intensive review, to prepare spirits professionals for the CSS examination.  The exam is on the 5th session.  A CSS Study Guide, from which the exam is formulated, is included in the class materials.

Harriet Lembeck,CSE

                                                                                                                          William Lembeck, CSS